jueves, 21 de junio de 2007

Manifesto for the continuity of Fabio Capello

To Don Ramon Calderon Ramos and to whom it many concern:

1- The Real Madrid Supporters who are regular contributors to the website “Fans del Real Madrid” (www.fansdelmadrid.blogspot.com) and many other web sites wish to thank Fabio Capello for the impresive results achieved with Real Madrid. He has turned around a decline which has lasted for years, making the team excell in his workrate, untiring faith and search for victory. We wish to express the gratitude, recognition and affection of many fans to don Fabio.

2- We are disgusted at the campaign aimed at Mr Capello since his arrival in Spain. It has been unjust and mainly based on personal reasons. Even when footballing reasons have been argumented, other teams utilizing very similar tactical systems (like Valencia) have been painted with a totally diferent brush in the media.

3- We reject the idea that football should have an ideology. Football is a diverse sport and can be played in many different ways. We don’t accept the dubious aesthetical criteria used to describe different styles of playing the game.

4- Furthermore, we also reject the idea that Real Madrid has been playing poorly or that the current style is alien to the essence and values of the club. Much to the contrary, the current display of discipline and team work are examples of areas where we have always excelled. The clearest proof is that in the league we´ve not only beaten all of our closest rivals, but have achieved the all time record of points away from home.

5- We wish to ask Don Ramon Calderon, president of Real Madrid, to end this period of uncertainty and the humiliation the architect of our footballing resurrection has been subjected to. We wish to remind Sr. Calderon that in his election manifesto he promised to abide by the strategy of the technical director. The club needs to be ruled by a long term and well structured strategy, not by the constant change of coaches or changes because of a whim.

6- We reject the excessive influence given to a certain sector of the club surroundings which are not necessarily a majority neither correct in their views. We respect the senior members and ex players, but we stress that the club doesn´t belong to them. The current success of the team is not a miracle or due to some sort of spiritual healing session with deceased players. The Internet has shown us a concept of a Real Madrid fan which many wish to forget. The Real Madrid Fan base is international, enthusiastic and young.

7- We also reject the excessive influence of the media on the daily running of the club. We strive for an independent club, able to guide itself, staying away from meaningless controversies and external interests. We ask the club to actively defend itself from the attacks and negative media campaigns the club is constantly subjected to.

For all of the above, we ask Don Ramon Calderon to reflect carefully during the following days and avoid making a historical mistake. We also ask all Real Madrid Fans who feel identified with the points made to sign this petition, with the objective to give the greatest strength to this message we deem of vital importance for the future of our club.

Hala Madrid!

To sign the online petition: http://www.gopetition.com/online/12876.html

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Csaba dijo...

Very nice Manifesto. "historical mistake" might sound a little over-dramatic, but I don't think it is. Capello is certainly the best coach Madrid have had in the last 10 years ;)

elmadridi dijo...

First of all, I truly thank you because of your real sense of care for Real Madrid, and I really agree with you about Don Capello. I must confess that I wasn't a big fan of him in terms of the irregularity in which the squad passed in the first about 6 months, and this irregularity cost us a lot; Out from Copa Del Rey and the Champion's League and you know that it's Madrid's favorite competition. But, we must confess that the change that happened 3 months ago is really amazing. After the 3-3 match against Barca we believed we can do it, and still it's a regret that we didn't go out from the Camp nou with the whole 3 points. Anyway, I declare now that I really want Don Capello to stay at Madrid because this means the continuation of the healthy state we've lived. But there should be so many reconsideration in both the squad members and in tactical method. Personally, I believe that don Capello is the man who built that amazing squad that conquered Europe's most entertaining tournament after being in charge 10 years ago. Now it's time for him to grasp the fruit of his own efforts BUT with deep vision about what the squad really needs. Mr.Calderon.. Please think and re-think about the matter. Hala Madrid

asteroide_b612 dijo...


Todo esto me parece muy bien, pero hay un error garrafal en el encabezamiento a la misiva a D. Ramón Calderón. Dice "and to whom it many concern:" y debería decir lo siguiente: "and to whom it may concern:"

May y no many. "A quien pueda concernir"


karolina159 dijo...

jestem fanką z Polski i chcę aby Capello został na stanowisku trenera, .
I'm from Poland and I am I Real Madrid fans, I thing Capello stay a our coach, i can't speak very well english but I hope you can understend me :)
Hala Madrid

Campeones Campeones Oe Oe Oe! dijo...

I think it will be great mistake to change Don Fabio because he is really good. Now there is no other coach who can really proceed with Real successfully as Capello do.
Next season I wish Capello can create the team which will win Champions League.
But I think the "historical mistake" is already done since Vicente Del Bosque is fired. My point of view is that he is certanly the best coach Madrid hav had in the last 10 years;]

sonny dijo...

Fabio Capello, has brought consistency, work ethic, cohesion and team spirit to Real Madrid - all of which were lacking over the course of the last few years since del Bosque's departure. Players have learnt to respect Capello and stand by him. His duty was to bring a trophy, and that he did. Irregardless of how Sevilla and Barcelona played, Real required wins for a championship, and win they did. It's time to remember that Ramon Calderon has done much to sour the name of Real Madrid.

1) Publicly denouncing his team and senior players to a group of students
2) Unsportsmanlike celebrations at Zaragoza
3) Caring more about Kaka and C. Ronaldo arriving than his own players currently on the squad
4) Discussing Capello's departure 3 months into the campaign

Mr. Calderon, it's time for you to BE the president of Real Madrid, or to step down. In your case, your rash inhibitions and sideways agenda have brought much confusion, to an otherwise sublime club that should be celebrating a trophy and the return of a coach, who in 2 years at Madrid, has 2 La Liga titles. For the record, I cannot even believe that there is a need for such a petition as this one. Troubles like this, should be engulfing small, meaningless clubs, not the biggest club in football. Mr. Calderon, the entire footballing world is laughing at you. Have you heard of the word credibility?

Anónimo dijo...

I heard this on the radio this morning, Fabio Capello has until the 7th of January to learn English and a bunch of England fans have made this site... Capello Learns English Its funny and meaningful!

said elmasry dijo...

ok ok man
your blog is very good